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  • SDRHUNTER, I'm new to the forum primarily because of you. I'm having Lex at Rifles Inc build me a Strata, and I have to say that I like the color scheme you have on a 6.5x284 you have made him (I believe). If possible, can you give me some info on it? Lina did ask me for the name of the person who they did the rifle to but told them I didnt know.
    Either way, any help would be aprreciated.
    [email protected]
    Hi sdrhunter, love the 5 video links, great work in good company in the mountains on an awesome hunt.
    I have a couple of questions in regards to your gear and food you took. If you have the time and don't mind shooting me an email on [email protected] that would be great.
    Hi, I'm Tony Cleveland from Colorado and about to do my first Alaska hunt on Kodiak for Brownies. I'd be very interested in knowing which camera adapter you used in order to hook you video camera up to your Swarovski spotting scope. I have the same spotting scope but I have a Sony video camera. Can I assume most any adapter made by Sony will thread into the Swarovski or do they vary by camera type etc? Loved the posting and videos of your 2010 sheep hunt. Thanks
    One of the better bears I've had on my cameras in the past few weeks... This is on a tank up in 24A. I'm thinking I'll hunt 24A or 23 come August.
    I'm heading out this coming weekend to set game cameras in Unit 23 in preparation for bear hunting in August. I thought you might help point me in the right direction. If you are also planning on hunting the Arizona Fall bear season, let me know and I would be happy to share all of my trail camera photos, locations, maps, etc... I've got five trail cameras ready... Let me know. [email protected]
    I noticed you mentioned hunting bear in AZ. I'll be hunting for bear in AZ this August. I'll be running the hills alone on a do-it-yourself hunt. Do you have any words of advice or areas I should try? Thanks in Advance... Bryce
    Hi, I'm very interested in the cabelas tent you posted about in reply to my query. Is it the cabelas outfitter xwt or the alaska guide tent? You mention you have the dry pitch option and I wasn't aware it was available except on the outfitter tent. How much does the tent weigh with the dry pitch option (not counting stakes...we'll be river camping and stakes don't work well.) Thanks.
    Your inbox is full lol

    Ok, thanks for the reply! Now I'm worried.. Where's the cost that I'm not seeing? $450 pp to Kodiak another $450-600 pp to Afognak. If I hunt native lands and another $725(trying to nix that one)... Thats appx $2800 for two(one w/tag). Hmm...

    The penn in 2012 was on my list til I drew this tag for 2103..
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