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  • So far so good. Dennis is going as well, we can cover more water, more electronics, different locations. Should be out there about 0730. See you there.
    We fishing several spots above and below the ferry. We ultimately caught all the fish around the first bridge at the outlet to Kenai Lake. That bug in the video gave us the idea to try a bead headed nymph and ultimately gave us the most success. I did land the first one on an 8mm bead. Pretty slow fishing overall, but hey, I'll take it over slow Ice Fishing!
    Dear fellow hunter!

    I hope the hunting season finds you with big dreams, exciting hunt prospects for the season and a secret buck or bull you've been watching all summer!

    For the last 3 years I've been working on a way for us all to share our hunting experiences- the pics, the stories, the gear, the tags that we all enjoy. The result is a website that is built around doing just that- sharing with fellow hunters.

    The site is still in beta meaning there might be a few bugs. That also means we are very busy adding more features and functionality- it has been a massive undertaking. But the core is there, ready, and waiting for you to join in with me and others who are passionate about hunting.

    Head on over to and sign up for an account! Then start sharing and enjoying others hunting experiences!

    Happy hunting!

    Dave Sanders
    [email protected]
    hahaha i checked mine immediately after the eagles/cowboys game! i knew it would be there eventually! good game though. after the 1-7 start it has looked slightly better. it would help if there was a defense who took the field after the offense left it. yeah dude i am super stoked for this trip. can't wait!
    oooh...Didn't see this message. Must sting! HAHA! Finally whooped you guys, loved the game against the Giants also! PM me if you want some details on how to fish the Situk, I've caught my fair share of metalheads on that river...I guarantee when you hook into one you will be addicted to that place and those fish! There is nothing like stalking fish in that clear water!
    what took you so long?! I'm gonna love ruining your season in a couple weeks. Or at least hurting Desean Jackson. I guess you can only beat a team so many times in a row lol.
    Quartz has always been our best bet. Especially early in the season like this. Come Jan/Feb it gets REAL slow anywhere in the interior just because the temps are so cold and the fish are trying to conserve oxygen. Still caught a couple nice once during those months anyways. I usually fish about 100 yards straight off the boat launch there using shrimp on a #10 size hook. I'll put a split shot up about 8-10 inches from the hook. Small swedish pimple jigs tipped with shrimp work well too. The shrimp we use is the Safeway kind that comes in a blue styrofoam package that is pre-cooked. Popcorn looking style. That rig has ben a proven winner since I started here. Just real simple...
    Been in wainwright for about a yr and wanting to do some serious ice fishing. got all the stuff just not sure where to go. any inside scoop or if you ever want to go let me know. thanks.
    BigCox moved to Anchor Town this last week, he did a move up in the employment world ( i think he just wanted to be closer to the Kenai) will be ready for ice fishing!! Godspeed. [email protected] works even better I check it daily...Sept 2009 FA magazine has us both in there again...keep submitting your pictures, one day it is your destiny!
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