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  • I am so impressed with the broadheads that you have made. I have been tinkering my self but with no luck.
    i have been able to make the blade itself fine, out of scrap 0.050" bandsaw from work. But when it comes to fixing it to my slotted field point I am stuck. Brazing is not an option for me so I have tried jb weld, but it comes unstuck with little effort. As a pioneer on the subject You are my last hope. I see that you have used a pin to secure the blade at the top of the field point. How did you drill this so perfectly? Is it a steel dowel that's been inserted? Did you heat it to get a tight fit? So many questions I know and believe me I have more lol.
    if you could get back to me on this It would be greatly appreciated. I'm going hunting in a few weeks and would love to have some heads ready, thanks Andy
    No TV is unusual. We too pulled the plug on that 11 years ago; there are much better uses of time.

    Glad to see you post your exploits here on this site.
    Some of the projects have some time on them and others like the leather chopper mitts and heater body suit are things I recently completed in the last week or month. I am always working on projects. I stopped watching TV 9 years ago so I work on projects every day.
    You've made a lot of posts that are very informative and plus with cool pictures. Lots of home made stuff. Very nice. Are those many activities things you've done lately, or over a long time? What are your current projects? Great stuff, keep it going if you've got more.
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