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  • I have a nephew on the police force in Fairbanks. Right now he doesn't have a jet boat but that could change again (he used to and then he got married). The Wood is something we would consider if we hunt moose together.

    Thanks for the info - I'm always looking for new (to me) areas to float. I had a friend who (years ago) used to get flown from Central (by Circle Air) to the Japan Hills for drop camp moose hunts. I've floated Birch Creek on 2 occasions. One of these days I want to do Beaver Creek.

    Seems like there are VERY few road accessable float hunts. Thanks again.

    Hey Phil. Ran out of room before I finished. The Wood is KIND of accessible by road, if you want 50 miles of hell on The Rex Trail. The Rex Trail is an old military trail that has been torn up by big track vehicles since before i was thought of. It has been restricted to vehicles less than 1000 pounds in recent years. I went in an Argo on that trip, and it was tough. there are river crossings, unbelievable mud, and deep ruts that make it really tough on 4 wheelers. The trail is just like a huge ditch, and when it rains, it turns into a river. I would'nt use it as access to float down the Wood.
    Hey phil. Steve here.(ramhemi) The Wood River is not road accessible. The way i got there was a boat launch on the Tanana River in Nenana, on the George Parks highway, about 80 to 100 miles south of Fairbanks. We traveled up river, oh 10-15 miles, and got to the mouth of the Wood. We traveled maybe 20-25 miles up the Wood. It is very curvy and snakey. I saw the river go from slow moving, glacier silt bottom, to faster, clearer water on up. We were there at the start of Labor Day weekend a few years ago. During that weekend we saw maybe 15-20 different boats. After that weekend, the boat count went down to about 5. We did'nt see the raft guys until the end of that week, they were just getting down that far. They had put in at some landing strip up near the Japan Hills. By the looks of my map, looks like at least a 50 mile float.
    I would be interested in knowing more about your hunts on the Wood river - especially if it is open to non-residents and if it can be accessed from a road.

    Thanks, Phil Stewart
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