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    Crossing the Canadian Border at Beaver Creek

    I’m going to make a road trip to the lower 48 in a couple of weeks. Anybody have any recent first hand experience with crossing into Canada? Just curious what tips and tricks will make entry less stressful.
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    Lower Kenai Bank Access For Reds Question

    I primarily fish for reds on the Kenai from Eagle Rock to Beaver Creek. After reading an article about CIRI property, do I need to get a permit to fish this area? As far as I can tell about the CIRI land map, it looks they have the subsurface rights to this area. Not sure how that works as far...
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    Kasilof King Debacle

    Did anybody read the Clarion article today about the Kenai king EO for July? Buried in the article was this gem..... During the Kasilof River's early run of king salmon, managers aim to hit a target of between 650-1,700 naturally produced king salmon in the...
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    Valdez mid September

    I have a friend coming to Alaska mid September and he's going to be in Valdez. Will saltwater fishing for silvers be any good during this time?
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    Lake Trout fenders

    I've got some friends coming up in June and since we can't fish the Kenai for kings we're going to spend a day or two fishing for Lake Trout on the Kenai Peninsula. Does anyone know if ford fenders or flashers like them work? What do you run behind them? Any and all advice is welcome...
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    Russian River ferry 2014

    Does anybody know how early the Russian River ferry starts running?
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    Kenai Closes, Why not the Kasilof as well?

    ADF&G announced that the Kenai closes to king fishing from 6/20-6/30. Does anybody know why the Kasilof is the only stream on the Peninsula that is allowing king salmon fishing (and retention)?
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    KAFC and the summer of 2012

    KAFC, the organization that represents Joe 6 Pack, has been strangely absent during the UCI salmon wars this past summer. No TV interviews, no radio interviews or call in's, no newspaper interviews or letters to the editors, no "preserve the king's " rallies at ADF&G, no parades. Does KAFC...
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    Setnetters take on 8/6

    Does anybody know how the setmetters did yesterday?
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    Brad's Kwikfish

    Has anybody tried Brad's Kwikfish? Do they swim as well as the Luhr Jensen kwikfish?
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    Aircraft paint remover

    Has anybody used Kleen Rite's Aircraft paint remover? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    UV Kwikfish

    I'm curious to know if anyone has tried the UV coated Kwikfish by Luhr Jensen. I like the color scheme but I'm not a big fan of the Xtreme model. Any on water experience by anybody?
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    Anybody still riding out at Petersville? Thinking about one last ride but not sure I want to make the trip if the sledding stinks.
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    oil for 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke

    I'm real curious if I have to run Yamalube products in my Yamaha outboard. Do any of you know if it's okay to run regular old 10w30 in it? How about filters? Can I use a Fram or a comparable one in it rather than a Yamaha filter? Thanks.

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