Career Soldier started out Active Army assigned to 1/160 SOAR, then later 3/160 SOAR, Airframe repair, and crewchief for various rotary wing platforms for the Nebraska Army National Guard, Now Senior Recruiting and Retention NCO for AKARNG. Founding member of the Nightstalker Predator Challenge in Nebraska, Pro Staff for Chelsea Outdoors, Field Staff for Real Avid outdoors. I love to shoot competitively;3Gun is my passion, followed closely by long range precision rifle and USPSA. As for Hunting, nothing beats calling in predators so close you can reach out and touch them.

Predator Hunting/calling, Competitive shooting USPSA, 3Gun, LRP, and anything that gets me outdoors
Former Crewchief, now Senior Recruiting and Retention NCO Alaska Army National Guard