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  • I just responded to someone else on the boards about the pipeline jobs.
    Here is a link if you are interested:
    Also, here are some direct job links as well:

    Alyeska might be a good place to go, too. They are just here in North Pole as well.

    Also, my buddy's name that was stationed in Mountain Home left honorably last year. His name was Chris Rosa or something like that... and he was a mechanic-ish person for the airplanes. He moved to Austin, TX.
    I saw on your profile it said that you were moving to North Pole? Are you currently based at Mountain Home? I had a friend that was stationed there a couple of years ago. We also have family up and down that whole area.
    Let me know when you think that you are going to be in North Pole. I can give you a TON of information on our area.
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