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    Any of you guys used the Grip and Pull bullet puller?

    It's pretty slick looking. Here's a video on it, A lot of guys on my other forum like it. I'll be getting one.
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    Do bullets "go to sleep"?

    Here is an interesting collection of groups I recently shot with my 300 RUM. The first group is @ 100 yds and is .21" ctc. The other groups are @ 212, 326 and 427 yds fired on the same day but a different day than the first group. All the same load. What do you think? Just coincidence or...
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    Did the Black Nitrude Treatment on 3 Rifles

    Just recieved my rifle parts back from Black Nitride treatment yesterday. From the day I shipped them out UPS ground to when I got them back was 17 days. Great turn around! Price was $200 for batch, plus $30 shipping to plus $50 Insurance plus $30 shipping back... I took the chance they...
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    Introducing the 270 Montana

    UPS delivered these to me a couple days ago. I had some 300 Dakota brass laying around here so I decided to do something with it. The case on the left is a WSM and the one on the right is a RUM. The 270 Montana will have about 4 H2O gr more capacity than the 270 WBY and about the same as the...
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    Feds posing as AR buyers?

    This is not a 2nd A or political thread. Just a heads up. Have no idea how true it is but found this ad on ARMSLIST, so I thought I would post it FYI. THERE ARE FEDS POSING AS BUYERS Who contact you and make arrangements to buy your AR or lower receiver, then when they meet up will look it...
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    Why is the 30-375 Ruger Thread Locked?

    When we get this figured out please delete this thread.
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    30-375 Ruger

    I see that Quality Cartridge is advertising this brass on Midway and I've seen a number of guys doing this wildcat. I think the 375 Ruger is a great cartridge and wonder why they don't come out with other versions of it like the 30-375? What say you? should Ruger do a 30-375? Or for that...
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    SuperCHRONO accoustic chronograph

    I will be getting one of these. Any light conditions and a very liberal shooting window.
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    New Convert to Imperial Sizing Wax

    Well i finally went down to Wholesale Sports (formerly SW) and bought some of this stuff. Body sizing my 300 Ultra cases was giving me fits. I was using One Shot and they were still a real bugger. I would have to size them a little at a time working the lever up and down as many as a half...
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    25-06 & 115 Ballistic Silvertip vs Buck Antelope

    Just thought I would post this thread for your viewing and reading pleasure. This buck was shot @ 280 lazered yards. The rifle is a Sendero 25-06 that I purchased used. The load is 55 gr of RL17 pushing a 115 Ballistic Silvertip at about 3405 fps according to my chrony. Win brass and Fed 210...
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    While We're Talking about SAKO's....

    Tell me what you think... In my search to find the cause and solution of inaccuracy of my problem child, M85 Finnlight 300 WSM, I made a careful inspection of the receiver and recoil lug toi see if I might be able to imporove the bedding and maybe pillar bed it. In doing so, I was dumbfounded...
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    25-06 vs 25-06AI

    After reading through another thread on the .06 vs the .06AI, I thought I would post this one and get some internet opinions :) I currently have a Sendero 25-06 (26" barrel) and a smith who borescoped it for me told me it was severly firecracked. It still shoots very well but I'm expecting it...
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    An Honest Question

    I respect those of you who do not like to exceed published data or velocity in developing loads and it's very understandable. I personally dont use that criteria to define a safe load and have debated it with some of you. We have our differences on that subject and let's leave it at that. My...
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    New Guns "Craiglist" Thought you might like this... spread the word.
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    Beretta Customer Service

    Some of you may be familiar with the saga of my Sako Finnlight 300 WSM. Well here is tha latest. When I got my rifle back from the factory the first time for accuracy problems (2-4 MOA) after a 2 1/2 month wait. I got some paperwork with it that said that all they had done was to give it a...

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