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  • Hey Dan, just got out of the hospital from a bear attack... took your advise and threw the bear spray away and strapped on a 450 or somethin like that... well i tried to fire at that chargin griz and next thing you know, I'm waking up in ICU aouty a week later missing half my face... good thing it wasn't my good side. Oh yeah... Ilke when the female nurses check up on me a lot more than the male nurses : )

    Seriously Dan, thanks for the well wishes and hope this finds you well too. A lot goign on, on my end and just hoping to catch the end of hunting season here. I'll probably start stirring the pot more a little later when the days start getting shorter : ) take care my friend
    You still alive?

    Haven't seen you around much lately. Hope you are having a fun summer and too busy to sit behind a computer. Busy here on Nantucket. Looking forward to 2 weeks on the Upper Kenai with the Fishapalooza crowd in late Sept. Just saying hello man. HOpe this message finds you well.

    Hey Montana, was looking at old threads and ran into something you did on the new "at the time,'08?" RL-17 powder designed for WSM's. I'm real new but have not seen that in any of my manuals so didn't even look for it in Anch where we can get stuff. Very limited selection in Kodiak, so Where did you find it and how did it work for you? Seems I remember something else you were writing about really liking it? I'm working 270wsm should I go find some and where did you get load #'s for it? Thanks, Al
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