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  • I ran the prairie chicken capture and translocation side of the MN -> WI genetic study. In fairness, someone else started it in 2006, I just picked it up for the final three years. Never worked for CSU, mostly federal seasonal work until I did that grad research (should defend this fall finally), and now here in AK starting in "conservation" and working towards wildlife.
    Hope you were able to save the tundra while in SD. Watch for the big white birds, my grandparents had four whooping cranes feeding on some of their land in northeastern Nebraska this week. Just saw an estimate that over 50 are in the state at this time, all going north!
    Hi Miller,
    Great posts about sharptail grouse. I have an interest in game birds, especially ruffed grouse since a kid in the Lake States. Studied wildlife management and then forestry based on an interview with the Ruffed Grouse Society in 1981. They flew me to Corapolis for an interview. Heady stuff back then...changed my life actually. Keep me in the loop on sharptailed grouse studies. We have few if any in the Mat-Su but the ruffs are picking up nicely. We are blessed in Alaska with great diversity of small game, just not great access.
    Miller: curious what line of work you are in. We seem to share similar interests and have some of the same small game knowledge. I'm recent to Alaska and in with the State but not ADFG yet. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can have a conversation.
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