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    Deer calls for blacktails

    The whistle is such a great way to get em to stop. I haven't had luck bringing them in with it like a fawn call does though.
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    A Good Town in SE to Do a Deer Hunt From the Road System?

    FWIW, I called DJ's rentals back in Sept to book a truck for Nov and they were all booked up. Then called Rainforest Rentals who told me they no longer deliver. Ended up renting a nice 4Runner thru Turo in Ketchikan. Even with the ferry costs it ended up being the same price as DJ's would have...
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    Knight Island Deer/Bear

    Yep, all blackies - pretty nice ones! Poops were purple, but also real slimy making me think there was still some fish mixed in there. I bet that's clearing out now though!
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    Deer calls for blacktails

    These work well for me. Seems the key is to make it as high pitched and distressed sounding as you can. Find a doe to practice on with it!
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    Knight Island Deer/Bear

    We went out to Knight for this last weekend. Mediocre visibility with the fog, but really quiet out there from a deer perspective, saw very few animals and extremely limited sign, lots of bears and bear sign though. Could have just been weird timing, but has me curious to go back at a different...
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    Bruin Sightings?

    Had a friend see a momma brownie and cubs in upper Peters Creek on Sunday. She barked at him. Then saw these tracks of a sow and cub playing in the snow above the Eagle River Nature Center yesterday. I've also been surprised about how many berries are hanging around from last year.
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    Montegue Deer

    Just back from deer hunting in the PWS. We got some buttons, some smaller bucks, and some does. Couldn't believe how fat all the deer were - way more than last year. Watched a couple brownies feeding on one of our gut piles which was rad.
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    The Official Unit 13 Caribou Thread (2016-2017)

    On Saturday we walked into the CCCUA from the Clearwater Creek bridge and shot two cows. Over the course of the day we saw about 45 caribou in 3 family groups, including a few nice bulls. No other people :) First time caribou hunting or shooting something larger than a goose for either of us...