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  • Michael, Ive enjoyed this site for a number of years. Its a wealth of information. I woke up after the Alaska Wild Sheep Banquet a few weeks ago to find I had won the auction for a moose tag by Turnagain Arm and Twentymile River. And now, at this relatively late stage in the game I am trying to figure out the logistics for a moose hunt there. So I am considering guided as well as DIY. Knowing that most Guides are fully booked this time of year I nevertheless am hoping to reach out to them in the off-chance they have an opening or we could work something out. Anyway, if this is not anything you can offer perspective on I understand. Thought I would ask however. Thanks, Justin Peterson 801-455-9909
    Tring to plan a last minute moose and caribou hunt in unit 13B. Looking for any advise you may have for me?
    Jason Halseth
    Hi, this is my popular website campergoal.com.
    {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/photos.smugmug.com\/My-First-Gallery\/i-X8KD6Pq\/0\/d478a94b\/X2\/sheefish%204%20%281%29-X2.jpg"}I'm not exactly sure what kind of sheefish pictures you would like but here's a couple.
    Hi Mike, A little while ago, maybe two weeks?, you helped me upgrade my membership to "supporting member" I see below my name it still says "member". The main reason I upgraded was just to support the site so it's really not a big deal. Checking to make sure things went through OK.

    Thanks Mark
    I've no doubt you've answered it a 1,000 times, but here it comes again.....I have three buddies and myself are considering a float hunt in 2022. Where do we start? I've hunted the Brooks Ranges several years ago and loved it. have never done a float hunt, these guys want to shoot a caribou.
    Michael Strahan
    Michael Strahan
    Give a call and let’s talk. 1 (907) 229-4501.

    I just bought your moose e book..... very well done!!!

    anyway quick question I’ve never harvested a moose but drew a Richardson muzzleloader tag. Been waiting on work to firm up schedule.... looks like I have two weeks to hunt either starting October 5th or September 26th

    if you were me what timeframe would you start? I kind of want to hunt rut and according to your book the September timeframe would match that more but I’ve heard others say they rut later there
    Good morning Michael, I and other members would like to start a petiton regarding the use of side by sides in the winter time on trails regarding the unsafe conditions they cause for other trail users. This petition will be addressed to DNR. Is this possible or is it agaisnst the rules?

    Thanks, Mike Mason
    Interesting that you would pull my post and vid link that shows Gates, the guy standing at the head of the line to vaccinate all of us from ‘covid’. Rather than allow your forum members to KNOW that ‘they’ are, in fact, actually trying to control peoples thinking, you elect to take that important information from your forum members.
    You also continually allow certain members to disrupt conversations and the info flow on the forum regarding 2amendment discussions.
    Hi Mike,
    Where are we supposed to log in? it seems the only place I can find to log in is when I click on your picture and it asks for my username and
    pass word. I must be missing something. I used to log in on the home page, top right, real easy. Now I can't find the place. Thank You,
    Gerberman, Wayne Myers
    Hi Mike, How do I type on the forum as a general person, I got to this by clicking on your picture. Gerberman, Wayne Myers
    Michael Strahan
    Michael Strahan
    Just go to the forum of your choice and either reply to a thread or start a new thread. Let me know if that works for you by responding here. Thanks!
    Good Evening Mike, You did a big make over on the forum looks good. Where do I go to change the way post is displayed . I had it set before so that the last post was displayed first . Thanks Wayne Bowman
    Michael Strahan
    Michael Strahan
    Click on the "Latest Activity" tab in the forum you are looking at. It sorts them from the most recent to the oldest at the bottom.
    im lost with this new setup. What happened to aviation the pioneer of Alaskan frontier?
    Granted, I’m an old dog, but things are way different. Hope I’m up to learning curve.
    Michael Strahan
    Michael Strahan
    We were forced into upgrading the platform because the old one was obsolete and no longer supported. We are working hard to make this easier to use. It actually does a lot more than the old system, but it's going to take some learning. Thanks for your patience!

    I just paid 55.00 paypal for the sale of the AO tent and Two dog stove. Thanks for the venue to help sell it. The payment will show up as being from [email protected] Let me know if it does not arrive.

    thanks again

    just want to say thank you for your informative youtube videos. i was stationed at elmendorf from 2008-2012 and I'm currently in korea for a year. i am getting back to AK with a assignment up north to Eielson this winter. your videos are pretty awesome and have helped me out a great deal. i posted on the canoe forum (probably should've posted on the float hunt forum) asking a few questions about freighter canoes and motor set ups. i head back to eagle river next week for a month long mid tour. just wanted t let you know your videos are very helpful. take care,
    Hello Michael,
    I have your Book Float Hunting Alaska's Wild Rivers, great read, but it doesn't cover the Sagavanirktok River (SAG) off the Dalton Highway. Any advice? I was looking at floating through Atigun Gorge in July for a caribou /sheep scouting adventure thoughts?
    Hope all is well and happy holidays,
    Hi Mike, wondering if my pm messages are going to you? The site says I have no sent messages? Thanks, Mike.
    Michael: FYI, just heard from son Josh, he said you passed him the other day around Peters Creek pulling a cataraft. He tried to get your attention but you didn't notice him. Any way, have a great day.
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