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  • Hi would you be interested in the eagle river area black bear hunt? We could perhaps get to know each other and try the hike out in winter if you are interested. Thank you.
    when you were at kasilof, if you dont mind me asking, what do you use there?
    i was there the day before. i had no luck at all. actually i got wet :(
    i tried spin n glow with bait. nothing though.
    shannon is a ham guy that posted on my page, the ironartist is looking for someone to help teach his guys some trama type class in the valley, where are you located? Irons # is 841-9353, they booted him from the site for standing up aginst the liberals
    are you a medic or just play one here? I believe that group could use some knowlage if your willing to help call that ironartist guy
    im new to alaska but Where is ER? I live near anchorage and i been taking my son to sand lake hes 2. Its pretty easy to get to i would recomend getting a sled to drag your equipment.
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