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    Women's Kenetrek Boots

    Women's Mountain Extreme Size 7 Med Great condition. Wore them on a couple of hikes. My wife felt they were too stiff. Paid $450, asking $150. (907)399-1775
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    Stolen Firearms - Sako .338 and Rossi .22

    We recently had our covered trailer broken into while staying at a Hotel in Fairbanks. Taken was a stainless .338 Sako with muzzle brake and Swarovski scope. Also taken was a stainless Rossi .22 with a Bushnell scope. I would be happy to pay a reward for these items. other items were taken...
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    Muzzle Loader Wild Cow Hunt

    Hello, I wanted to see if there would be any interest in the muzzle loader community for a hunt much different than your normal Alaskan hunt. We have been hunting wild cows on remote Aleutian Islands for a few years now with rifles and last year we tried archery. Rifle is fun and archery was...
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    New sponsor, who is an avid bowhunter!

    Hello, we are a new sponsor and avid bowhunters, I wanted to introduce our hunting trips on Adak, especially to bowhunters. This is a real treat, as the number of caribou are record high. There are great hunts all over the State but I wanted to get the word out on this Adak hunt so it can be...
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    Winter Ptarmigan Hunting

    Anyone else been out for ptarmigan with their bow?
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    Adak Caribou Transporter

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself and one of the services we are now offering, vessel based Adak Caribou hunts. If you are looking for a hunt where you are going to be seeing caribou each day with several stalking opportunities, this should be considered. For the hunter that is only...
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    Nunivak Musk Ox Hunt Transporter Differences

    If you are interested in hunting Nunivak, I’d like to share what I’ve seen and learned about the different transporters. I’ve gone twice in two years; once for myself (archery) and once with my daughter (rifle) and it was with different transporters each time. I have had the opportunity to...
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    Musk Ox Hunt with Abe David

    I was lucky enough to draw a tag for the Nunivak Musk Ox and used Abe David as our transporter. It was a very successful hunt and Abe did a great job. Everyone in Mekoryuk was very friendly and happy to see hunters. It's a great experience. Musk Ox are not a hard animal to hunt, it is the...
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    Group Changes - Looking for advice

    I recently got back into archery after many years of being out and am looking for some advice from you experienced archers. I purchased my new bow (Hoyt Carbon Defiant) this past summer and am shooting the same arrows (type, weight, and length - Easton FMJ 330) and broad heads since the...
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    Mod. 70 .338 w/BOSS

    I am looking at picking up a Mod 70 .338 stainless to replace my blued version. The rifle has the BOSS on it which makes the barrel to long for what I need it for. Does anyone have personal experience with cutting down the barrel and re-applying the BOSS? I have seen what the BOSS can do for...
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    Snowplowing with an Argo?

    I'm considering a new Avenger, part of the justification is snowplowing. I'd like to here from someone that has done or does do snowplowing with an Argo. My question is, How well do they plow with tires? I don't need tracks in the area I hunt and would hate to have to buy tracks just to plow...
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    Snomads Fun Run (Homer)

    Just throwing this out there as a reminder and to give you guys/gals something to consider. The Homer Snomads is doing there big fundraiser Saturday, March 1st. It's a Fun Run raffle. You have six check you have to drive to. The trail is marked really well so if you are new to the area it's...
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    Ice Fishing Tournament (Homer)

    Just a reminder for those with the fishing bug that the Snomads out of Homer will be sponsoring their 5th annual Ice Fishing Tournament on Caribou Lake. The targeted fish are Dollies and Kokanees. They have more info on their site: If you can make it it's a lot of fun...
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    Night time "aggressive bear encounters"?

    I'm I read the 26 posts on another thread and I didn't read one that had first hand experience of dealing with an "aggressive bear" in camp. If I misread, I apologize.;) As I type this, I'm knocking on wood.:D 30 years in Alaska of hunting, fishing, and hiking (sleeping out in...
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    Cold weather tip.

    Here is a little tip for those that do not know and live in the cold..... When you shut your machine down for the night or an extended period do it with the choke. So instead of turning it off with a key or kill switch choke it! The next time you go to start it it will pull over a lot...

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