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    DM516 (15C any bull moose) - camping and trail access

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice! My family was incredibly lucky this year and drew two DM516 permits. These are moose permits which cover a decent portion of Caribou Hills in 15C, here's the map: I'm behind the...
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    40 mile caribou (steese hunt) - how to get away from the crowds

    Hey folks, I have a five year old son and a five month pregnant wife who wants to kill her first caribou (first warm blooded animal ever, really). We have been up the steese for the 40 mile hunt the last two years and unfortunately were witness to the mess last year. I'd like to find a way to...
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    Kenai Peninsula - looking for an experienced boater

    Hey everyone! I'm in the process of looking at ocean boats and I believe I've found a potential candidate (a 28ft Carver) for trade. Here's my problem: I'm originally from a landlocked state and I have zero boating experience. I have a lot of experience in the Cook on my ocean kayak so I'm not...
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    Dual salt/river boat

    Hi folks, Are there any recommendations for a small boat that would work well for moose hunting on the rivers as well as short ocean trips and dipnetting? Or would I be better off going for an NRS Otter for the rivers and getting something bigger for the salt? Ideally, I'd like to get away...

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