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  • Are you interested in making a trip in to the Kantishna this winter? My regular riding partner sold his sled this summer and I don't think he plans on replacing it right away.

    I think the last time we talked you said that you had just pulled the trigger on a Expedition. If so and you want to head in, I'd like to make a trip sometime this winter. Let me know.
    Justin: I almost never visit this site any more, and just accidentally checked my messages. I can get you approx plans, for which you'll have to only make minor revisions to fit your canoe. If the 15 ft freighter is a Grumman Sportboat, then I may have the exact measurements. I won't be able to get to them for 2-3 weeks, though. Is $20 a fair price? If so and you still want them in a few weeks, email me at [email protected] Thanks. john
    I have had a nice compact lift copied off a 30 year old model. It clamps on the transom and the motor clamps
    to it. 30 lbs even on the postal scale. Has about a 9" lift. It will handle up to a 25 2 stroke or 20 Honda 4 stroke.
    E Mail me at [email protected] and I can send you pics. Mike 460-0214
    If you should need help with a canoe lift, I build them. My lift is currently being used in 3 different square stern canoes owned by three diff. people. A guy on here by the name of "FamilyMan" runs one of my lifts and does very well in the shallows. PM me if you should need help.
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