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  • Yeah I sent in some for the king issue but they didn't make it if it is the pic he would be standing in front of me with train track bridge over head.
    dude they hate me here! They'd rather have mofos from cali trashing commercial fishing
    whats up bro you been fishin much? I went to one of the meadow lakes on sunday and trolled the shallows w/ a green sculpin pattern and caught about 20 rainbows from 12" to 24" in about 3 hours, it was a blast...lemme know if you got time to go do some parks stream fishing some time
    haha ya gotta love them for breakfast lunch and dinner, have you been catching any salmon lately? you going out this weekend?
    hey thanks for trying to get me out with you, i have been in the field trainning fir the past 15 days. if you have extra room again anytime let me know and if i am off i would love to go. thanks again
    No man not the lil sue,spent two days floating the kasilof with my wife and a few buddy's fished 20+hrs with only two 15lbs to show but fun the less,I seen the post about up there though we need to hit it up soon,I might let my older brother take my spot up in Fairbanks he lives in California and the economy is real bad he needs the money more than I do.Hate to have work in the way of fishing anyhow.
    kenaibow fan,
    I'm up on the slope til June 10th.When I left Soldotna on the 10th of May the river was very low.It has probably come up some by now ,but you'd be better off contacting someone with more up to date info.Sorry
    I will be getting out there more than likely on the 12th and any day aftertil I go north again July 1st so stay in touch and we can hook up and go get em.
    Not so much as a bite, but it was nice and sunny out, and we were fishing, so there were no complaints!
    i bought 2 poles, i bought a small one for icefishing and i also bought a little trout rod for the streams and lakes. i plan on buying a salmon rod when time gets closer for salmon fishing. i already have a pair of chest waiders that i use for duck hunting so i will be good with that. i do not have a fly rod because i have never tryed fly fishing but i plan on buying one and giving it a try. i already bought my fishing license and king stamp so im ready. and i see how everyone will help until it comes down to the spot to go, but i can care a less if they take me to there sweet spot or not i just want to get out and do some fishing. i live on post so the drive to wasilla is not bad for me at all. i appreciate all your help. and when you go if its on a sat or sun or later in the evening i definitly want to go. once again thank you
    dont be sorry i completly understand the questions, i am looking to do some trout, salmon, and steelhead or basically whatever i can fish for. i am from california and i normally just fished the lakes for bass. I am not really looking to saltwater fish except maybe a charter or two. i just bought a little trout rod and some beeds and stuff, i didnt really want to buy a lot of gear becaause i didnt want to get the wrong stuff. i am willing to go anywhere to fish for anything. i love being outdoors and i just want to get out and fish. i will be here until december and then i will be gone for a year to afghanistan and then i will be back for 9 months. thank you for helping me out
    no i do not but if i need to get one i will, i have only been here since september so i havent got out to fish yet
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