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  • i read your dm424 posts from 2011. Sounds like you had it figured out! I have spent 9 days in the woods so far, and have yet to see a bull. Hunted 411, 413, 418, and 425. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can you offer any advice? Thanks..Steve
    Dug up an old post of yours about stone sheep up the Taku but the Photobucket links gone. Still got it? I've got sheep fever but pretty hard to get away from SE for long enough to chase em around. Your avatar isn't helping much!
    Man...!!! I sure would like to see a big pic of your ram. Is there one someplace on the forum? Specs too? Thanks....
    Hey man I had my chance at two monster moose with one at 20yrds with a jammed single shot!!I still can't get that sight out of my head as he stoped and looked back at 30,50,100yrds and I couldn't reload!! I'll take you up on that offer,Ill gladly trade ya whatever you want I hopefully will add a bunch of blacktail to the freezer in 30 days.
    Was in the middle of planning the most EPIC of sheep hunts when all of a sudden; poof - you're deploying in 4 days. Yea, happened. I know you've been thinking sheep since the season closed last year (like me) - got any awsome plans for 2011? You and your boy heading back out? My sheep plans will have to wait until 2012 - but they are starting to solidify already. Good luck to you - you work hard and seem to enjoy every second of it......bring back some stories, again. I'm going to need some good internet vicarious living through you hardcore mtn dudes this year. Good Luck and take care K.
    The thing about this messaging through your public profile is that everyone else can see it....but if you want info. that way, anyway if you want to fly with somebody fly with the guy who already flies the wildlife sheep bio out for the annual sheep count, Mike Meekins, I know someone already mentioned, but I did not want to publically say that because everybody will be hitting him up for info. ...well now its public, you better make your reservations, he does book up during sheep season. I would delete this message once you read it. Air miles from his airstrip is not far at all, so it wouldn't cost that much.
    Yo K-
    I know Doogiehauz and all that buzz about "his buddy's sheep", well, it's him. I think it's funny that he's "in-cognito" on the forum. I don't want anyone to get the idea that it was my sheep that he's talking about. I shot a "15/16"th curl 7 yo ram on a solo hunt in the Wrangles this year and paid a $250 fine for it - the judge nearly let me go - the DA in Palmer tried to get me off scott free - Doogi did a bunch of stuff that he's not saying. --just wanted to post some clarity on this. You still shot the nicest fricking sheep I've ever seen! I'm after that same one - saw him, just didn't get him - thought I'd give him another year to grow... :) Take care. Later dude, Solo On!
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