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  • I had a JKR Johnson rifle for about 10years in 450 AK
    It had the bumiller barrel on it . Good shooting rifle. Sold it to man down on the coast. I doubled my money I had in it. Love the win 71 but the 450 AK for today is just a semi hot loaded 45/70 In my Marlin 1895 GG.
    Now, I've actually had to opportunity to tag along on a sheep hunt in the Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary, as my Father was lucky enough to get drawn for the Yukon resident lottery for the Kluane sheep permit back in 2008 (might have been 09, just can't remember). We hunted just north of the Donjek glacier, Google Earth refers to the mountain that he shot his sheep on as Kettle Peak. Now I'm not looking for anyones sheep someone. Just wondering if you could enlighten me with alittle more info on Gillians Island, I'm assuming it's within the Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary, but if not, feel free to keep the info to yourself. I know how secretive some ppl can be in regards to sheep spots lol. Anyways, feel free to school me in the ways of how PM's work on this forum, because it's totally different than the Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum. Thanks, have a good evening
    Hey, question for you if you don't mind. First off, my name's Mike, and currently I live in Alberta, but will be moving back up to the Yukon once my fiancée graduates from college this fall. I spent 3 years working in the Yukon after high school, in order to pay for university. But anyways, enough with the background info. The only reason I went ahead with creating my account/profile on here was to ask you a question, I've been reading the forum for a few years now. Recently in a sheep thread you mentioned Gillians Island (in Canada) as your Number 1 place to hunt sheep, if you could, because you think it would hold some monster sheep. So I did alittle internet research and could not come across a place aptly named that.
    I have read a few of the posts suggesting you might have a book out of the old guides of the Wrangles? I spent a year in Glennallen back in 92-93 when Jack Wilson was still running his paper/book store and spent a lot of time in there talking to him about the old days. Love that kinda stuff! Anyways would be very interested in your book if you have one. I have some pictures of a few different summers of years past that I spent hiking around up in upper chitina and ram glacier and a couple I think you would really like. Here is my email. [email protected]

    My name is Aaron Anderson, born and raised in chugiak. I noticed you're bernard glacier goat/sheep hunt packing list. I am having a friend drop me and a buddy off at the head of Bernard this coming season. I was hoping to possibly pick you're brain about the terrain and what not. I will be flying the area this summer to get a better view but I know how AK is and until you're feet are on the ground it's hard to tell. My email is [email protected], if you're willing to chat I would love anything you would be willing to divulge to me about the area. Thank your for you're time!
    Hi Thomas, Rob Alley in Ketchikan here. Thanks for all your previous posts on hominids in Alaska. You have a great collection of oral traditions. I would like your OK to include the Kenney Lake story in a future book, if that's OK.Lots of sightings down here, especially on P.O.W. Island. Send a private email to [email protected] if you would like me to fwd new manuscripts.
    Thanks, Rob.
    Best, Rob.
    Hi Thomas, I hunted the TCUA 10 yrs ago on my first sheep hunt. From your posts it sounds like you know alot about the area and I would like to talk to you about it. I met Norris two summers ago when I was hiking on the trail behind his property. Please give me a call at 907-748-2598 or email at [email protected]

    Thanks, Scott
    It was great meeting you today at Beaver Sports. I learned more today than I have in weeks of reading and trying to research stuff online. I will definitely keep in touch.

    Dr. Robert Alley here, I hunt southeast. Thanks for bucking the tide and wind on the forum regarding sasquatches by any name. I've been doing research on the subject since 1972. I appreciated your story and was surprised it was so similar and close to a report two Ketchikan men gave three years ago while stuck in Kluane. I would like to call you and hear your story on the phone sometime, if you wouldn't mind. I teach at UAS (anatomy) and wrote a book on sasquatches in Alaska entitled "Raincoast Sasquatch."
    Thanks again,
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