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    Those crazy rumors!!! Yes I am moving, no the shop is NOT closing!

    Morning all! Just wanted to clarify to members here about rumors they may have heard about my closing the shop. I did post on my FB page that I was going to close and when my friend and former co worker found out, he offered to buy it and take over. Yes, I am moving - No, the shop is NOT...
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    Black Bear Pedestal Mount!

    Thought I would share a recent project. A mount like this costs less than a rug from the same sized bear. Less wall space, more artistic (IMO)
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    looking for training grounds in the mat su valley

    Thought about posting this in the gardening section... but not really sure where to start.... A small group of women is looking for some new places to train our retrievers - we train and run our dogs in AKC and/or NAHRA hunt tests and sometimes field trials - and we also hunt our dogs..... We...
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    Hare, It's What's For Dinner :)

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    Some tips for dall sheep field care

    I know it is the wrong time of year... but......What is wrong with this picture? This dall sheep hide was brought to me for expediting to a non resident hunter. Now, I do not known for sure if this was a guided hunt or second degree kindred, or was a previous resident who has since moved from...
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    'Scarface' - and a tip for those of you looking to have a moose shoulder mount

    I've nicknamed this fellow Scarface - what a beast. I'd like to know if anyone found the other bull he'd been scrapping with! Finished up mounting it a couple of weeks ago. (Yep, us 'girls' can even manage to 'manhandle' the big critters - we just have to be smarter about it! :) ) I wish the...
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    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    I don't have much time to dedicate to posting often anymore - guess that means business is good :).. But as we approach the end of the year and I relflect on where my taxidermy business started and where it is now, I think ... wow... did that just happen? LOL I want to let my Alaska Outdoor...
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    It all comes together - a young dog's first hunt

    Every hunting dog, of which there are thousands in this country, has their first hunt. Like a baptism into what they are bred to do, we as their humans, can only hope that this hunt is both successful and memorable; that the memories made this day will be held near and dear to our hearts for as...
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    2015 Tok Ram Mount

    This is a dandy ram to be sure. And even more so because it was a young boy's first ram. Hope he gets plenty more opportunities to hunt these majestic animals.
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    Got camo? on a bear rug? Also bear skinning dvd's are available!

    This very nice black bear rug is sporting camoflauge felt. I think it is a great choice! So far as I know, Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy is the only taxidermy shop in the state, maybe the country, offering realtree camo felt as an option for rugs. It does cost extra because it is 'made'...
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    Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy - who we are

    Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy is now entering our third year of business! Hard to believe the time has gone by so fast and I owe a very, very big thanks to the many of you on 'the forums' who have become customers to my business. Without you, I would not get to enjoy doing what I love, and...
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    He's learning the ropes... errr.. the birds...

    Toby is 12 weeks old and his intelligence, perseverance, and overall natural ability continue to amaze me. Yesterday I took a freshly shot mallard and made a 50yd trail through the yard around a corner and into the trees. This was his second time to work out a trail (first being at 9 weeks of...
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    Help a youngster out... Need a replacement sheep cape

    A customer brought in a sheep that his young son shot on his very first sheep hunt - a very nice mature ram. A wolverine got ahold of the face on the ram and well... there is a considerable amount of damage...including missing the skin around the eye and lower half of the ear.. I told them I...
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    moose heads, caribou heads, etc

    Trappers, I have moose and caribou heads, some backskins with all sorts of flesh and fat left on (basically cape 'tails' that are not needed for mounts, LOL). not salted or otherwise treated with anything. Anyone interested enough and I will save them aside for a couple of days (at most). I...
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    Anyone with a pup between 10-16 weeks

    Toby is old enough now to start getting some play time with similarly aged pups... Curious to know if anyone here is in the Palmer/Wasilla area that would like to have some 'structured/supervised' playtime once a week for a few weeks.... Might even get into some fun puppy training too.... I...