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    extra light load for 7mm 08

    I'm looking for ideas on bullet and powder for a 7mm 08 for fox. I am thinking that a HP bullet going 2000 will be too much.
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    kimber montana 7 08 experience?

    I have been trying 140 ttsx with rl 17 after 100 loads fired I am starting over. I first went from 45 to 47gr in .25 jumps. good reports from 45.75 to 46.5 problem is I have been unable to repeat those results consistently. I have been shooting off sand bags from a bench and prone. Prone...
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    Which caliber/gun for Kodiak?

    If you take the 375 don't rush straight up hill shots.
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    kenai new bait site guy..... please contact me.

    if you are on here.. The stand is rough sawn lumber inside of 3 trees. small log handrail. with stickers for a ladder. baited with a handful of pastry. I don't know if you are working with the guy that you set up right next to on the same little side trail. but I am just up the hill from...
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    unit 15 getting crowded!!!!

    went to bait up yesterday and noticed a brand new timber framed lodge - tree stand only 200 yards from my site. and it just so happens to be 100 yards closer to me than the guy that plopped one in there last year. these two guys have to compete for witch tree to hang there signs on.
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    what kind of sounds are some favorites for a multi species hunting. what kind of duration and set time. Im working with mainly birds now, I am sitting around a hour.
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    Any deer reports from Kodiak?

    I hunted the west side last week, Tons of does spikes and pickle forks. The first few days of the week most of the deer where in the ballpark of the goats. After a few cold days we started seeing some bucks tailing does in the more moderate elevations 1000 to 1800 feet. We only saw four...
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    Wall hanger or let it walk?

    boy that sure looks like a cub brown to me. but I have not seen a color phase black ever. but I do have a cub brown at my bait that looks just like that. even if you are in a brown area that bear might not be legal. I was told that they go by skull size to determine legal or not. and I know...
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    Dan Ryan Longbows?

    any one heard of him, own one of his bows or have contact info for him?