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  • Jim,
    I will be in AK next summer for a photo trip, and will be looking mainly for Aviation and Denali photos (well, and wildlife) and I'll be looking to charter a couple flights up to Denali (around the mountain, maybe land on the glacier) as well as some pure aviation photography (around Lake Hood/Anchorage from the air, etc).

    I like the attitude you seem to have regarding flying/safety...and I'm hoping that I can FLY with you. You seem to have the right ideas about what's important..so I'd be comfortable chartering your services. Can I ask are you a Flight Service or do you work for one? Webpage?
    And do you have any photo ideas that I sound like I may be leaving out?

    Thanks JIM, PM me with any specifics. Thanks.
    Thanks Jim, Yes Dennis was a special guy, I flew all around the state with him and hunted and fished with him. Like he said there are old pilots and bold pilots but no bold old pilots. He was the most careful yet ballsey guy I ever flew with. He could put that 172 down in places others could only land a cub, yet he never pushed his ability he was just a good old fashioned Alaskan Bush pilot. I will try to reach his brother John in Seattle and pass on my condolence.
    Jim, I read that you wrote that Dennis Safranick has passed away? My name is viktor my e mail is [email protected] Dennis was like a brother to me, he taught me to fly when I was the chef at the Sheraton. He just kind of vanished after his divorce and I have been trying to see how he is doing, now I read that he has died? Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. The email i wrote here is easiest to reach me so I do not have to go through this forum thing that is confusing Thank you viktor
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