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  • Ya I know what u mean I am going for some bears when I get home up at eklitna lake in chuigak hope I get one everyone says they r all over in their so good chance I guess lol well if u ever want to go hunting call me up k buddy I still love u lol best trainer I ever had the lol keep ur head up and know I am here for ya bro ttyl
    I am just sending my apologies for the misunderstood comment that I posted on your hunt, never meant it to be taken in a wrong way. Went on that hunt before with an older brother of mine & helped him get a cow, it is a great hunt & you did a heck of a job, congrats once again .
    Good to meet you and Tim; glad you guys got out OK. I stayed two more days and had one close call but nogo, so I left - of course during a raging downpour; I'm drying out my gear now. What a tough hunt, but made fun by meeting some great people. I'll shoot you my contact info in a few days when I finally get my head above water; I'm currently buried here.
    hey j,
    u posted in a thread about the 20a bou hunt. im not gonna be flying anymore. i was wondering if you have gotten any more info since that post or if you have done any more scouting. we are gonna be heading up there around the 22 of this month. let me know if you have any more info
    I saw your post you said you were looking for a spot and stalk bear I have never hunted it but I have heard there are bear on murpheys dome couldnt hurt to check it out ...hope it helps
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