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  • Thanks! Not super acurate, didn't have a hanging scale set up, but right at 130#. I've killed a bunch of them and he was definately one of the bigger ones.
    i was guiding a client and after that one stalk he decided to shoot one with a gun....which he did but could not anchor it properly and it managed to get into some nasty nasty rocks and died on its feet only to roll into the pacific ocean and sink.....we were all sick to our stomachs about not being able to recover it..had he been anchored where he shot it it would have done a half roll into some trees but even with a 416 rigby it only broke is facing shoulder and he didn't die immediately
    thanks...i found a pocket of the silvers by me...thats the second one i've got in two years i snared a cross last year on the same trail i got this one this year.....looks like you learned the hard way not shoot moose in the water.....thats never fun..heck of a moose though
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