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    Distress Question??

    Why do some F/V say Pong, Pong, Pong, Pong and some say Mayday, Mayday, Mayday?? What is the origin of "Pong". I was just wondering? Thanks
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    Knee Pain Help

    The last few hikes, I get this Sharp pain on the left or right side of the knee cap after a few hours of hiking? It usually comes on the down hill. Have you expericned this and do you take anything for it? Just thought i'd get some advice befor i go have it looked at. I'm 30, male, pretty good...
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    Brooks float transporter?

    I wanna say I remember reading about a Guide/Tranporter that you can rent a raft from, and he will drop you off/pick up? I'm trying to get started on a 10 day float hunt in the Brooks range next year for sheep. Thanks..Kev
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    Ruby Lake this weekend??

    Do you think its doable yet??
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    PWS Snow Report

    I didn't see this thread started yet. I know a few of us track this pretty close. I know last year, everything was pushed back about two weeks. Just curious to see how she's looking this year? V/R Kev
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    Spacers in Town??

    Who's got wheel spacers in town??
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    Tire Help!

    I have a 2007 A/C 500 auto, I'm looking to make it a little wider. Are any of you running wheel spacers? I was going to buy a set of 26' 589's which are a little taller and two inches wider, but the tires i have are still really good. Any suggestions would be great.. Thanks..Kev
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    Sheep fly out?

    I know its short notice, but can you recommend anyone for a two person drop off sheep hunt in 09. I dont really have any area in mind, as long as there are sheep in the area. Thank you..Kevin in Anchorage.
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    30mm or 1"

    Whats the diference between the 30mm tubes and 1 inch? Is there a big difference? Thanks..Kev
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    Arctic cat 500 Info

    Anyone have any input of the pros and cons of the arctic cat 500? I'm looking at buying one soon. thanks..
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    Wanna Swap?

    I have a Burris Black Diamond 6x24x50. It is in perfect condition and retails for $700. The scope is just to much for my shooting ability, I'm looking for a comparable scope of lower power. Maybe a 4x12x50 or 4x14x50 somthing in this range but I would still like to keep the 50 objective. I'm...

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