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  • DM812 starts where Cottonwood creek dumps in, which is about 65 miles or so up the Dulbi. We ended up camping just a couple bends above that. So, you have to get at least that far up if your going to hunt DM812 via jet boat. The water that year was very low and we didn't think we would make it, but fortunately we did. We were using a little 16' jon boat with a 35hp 2 stroke jet and went in with minimal gear (just a little heavier than sheep hunting gear weight). We wouldn't have been able to make it with much more, or any bigger boat. This year there was a little more water in the river, and I think a person could have made it up there with a bigger boat and more gear. This year I used my 21' Sportjon and went up the Dulbi about 35 miles. I think I could have possibly made it to Cottonwood but we didn't need to (didn't have that permit). Dulbi slough is not in that permit area.
    Take care,
    I'm doing good Austin. Your Dad said the moose hunt behind Eureka was a tough one. Glad you got the caribou in our old hunting camp. I think Ernie did too. I am going to try and take my Grand Kids in there or the Denali Hwy. next year for caribou and moose. Next time your in Kenai grab your Pa and come over for a visit.
    God Bless..........Steve
    That 140 is a strong engine. Lots of happy owners of it. Like all 4s engines, it doesn't have the whole shot, but a strong runner.
    I know you aren't interested in an ETEC, but I'm selling my 150 Optimax with jet pump. It was new fromMarita this spring. Maybe 25 hours on it, I'm upgrading to a 200 or 225 Optimax.
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