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  • Thanks, Rich!! We missed you at the Bear Baiting Seminar at Sportsman's today! I'll remind you about it next time! :)
    Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say that it was great chit chatting with you a couple of days ago! Great shop as well, by the way! We will stop in again sometime soon... and maybe to bring you lunch just for the sake of it! :)
    Hi Richard,
    Pam here, (aka Icebear) Brian sent me your inquiry about advertising on ODD. What would be a good time for me to call you next week? Give me a day and time, and I will contact you regarding all the ways you can advertise on our site. Have an awesome weekend, Pam
    I absolutely love Metallica, they rock!- Way to go on getting that buisness thats just amazing... Was wondering if you talk to James again if you could see if they ever plan on coming back to AK for a concert?--- Was too young for their first one, anyways congratz again thats just cool

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