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  • I got your contact from the Alaska Outdoors directory and would like to inquire about your recommendations for a small digital hi definition video camera. It would be used outdoors on hunting, fishing, and camping trips. Looking for lightweight -less than 1 pound if possible. Many of them now take both video and stills - more interested in the video as I have another camera for stills. There seem to be lots of recommendations on the forum for a variety of cameras - just wondering what you might recommend as one that would take good quality, has a good zoom, and will hold up to the weather and all.
    Jeff Sperry,
    Eagle River, Ak
    Hi, I am looking for a zoom eyepiece for my pentax pf-65edII. What would you carry and what would the price be.
    Thanks, Charlie
    Doug, Am I crazy or is the 2.5-8x32 conquest back in production? It still isn't listed on your site but it is up on the zeiss webpage and I recall it not being listed there a few months ago. Of course I have been wanting one for long enough I may just be overly hopeful.
    Hi Doug,

    What is currently the best spotting scope that you carry for under $600 ( with eyepiece?) I would use it primarily for hunting.

    Thanks for your time
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