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    Bulk Yamalube (2-Stroke Oil)

    Anyone on here know where to get yamalube bottles refilled? I've tried both deweys and anchorage Yamaha/zuk with no luck. I've already bought the jug, I just want to get it refilled. Seems it would be more environmentally friendly to refill these bottles instead of disposing of them and...
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    The official Unit 13 caribou thread. (2013-2014)

    YETI BS? This is not BS!!
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    The official Unit 13 caribou thread. (2013-2014)

    The EO has arrived. The EO has arrived. Buddy of mine was down at F&G during lunch and sent me this. Pretty low number and hopefully everyone looks for a pecker 'fore pulling the trigger. Good luck!
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    Kings in Whittier?

    Caught this guy yesterday, didn't catch any chums or pinks, just the KING!
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    Anybody know what brand of dipnet this is?

    I got this dipnet given to me, but it doesn't have a handle. I was hoping that someone on here can guide me to what brand it is so i can get a handle for it and put it to use.... It would be a waste otherwise. Thanks in advance.
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    How was your shrimp opener????

    Had a pretty good 48 hours of shrimpin over the weekend!
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    cooking on the boat (without or without a galley)...what's easy and works well?

    Had some pretty good meals on this ole trusty....! Preseasoning is the way to go: steaks, chicken, pork chops, etc.. Can of green beans or any veggie and some taters cooked in tinfoil will make any mariner heat up and dry out.. Barbeque takes a rusty pounding but keeps on tickin'
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    Who's in for the shrimp opener?

    Went out last weekend (left thursday night, came back saturday), ramp below tide line was clear and dock was good. It was just flurrying down there saturday when we came back.... Nothing like what Anch town was experiencing. The parking was only in front of the harbor office, they lot hadn't...
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    Some more pics... Dont know how to add the pictures within the text.. Looking into the bowl.. There are a few bou visible in this pic. Its like wheres waldo...
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    Well, I think the "sheep hunt for a caribou" statement holds 110% true!!! My buddy and I Got to the top of the ridge that I had scouted out about 6-7 hours after leaving the truck and started glassing. Nothing going from that vantage, so went over to check out the next bowl which took another...
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    Whittier tomorrow

    Found this while soaking the shrimp pots this weekend! I think the trip paid off! :topjob:
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    20 Mile / Placer conditions?

    I was down there last friday (13th). It was pretty deep. I just rode the flats trying to stir up some ptarmigan. There were some open leads in the river about 5 miles back. There was also a machine that looked like it tried to waterskip or sunk in unknowing of the water below. It was...
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    Any ways to improve outboard jet steering in cold weather?

    The problem might not be at the motor, it might be in the steering system itself (behind the dash or in the steering cable). Usually the outboards will be very easy to steer with unless a tensioner is too tight or it hasn't been greased in a while. Check to make sure its greased and grease it...
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    Arctic Man

    Its about a month out now! Whos ready? Does anyone know what the conditions are up in that area???
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    Pull Start is Slipping?

    Get an exhaust spring puller if you plan on removing the exhaust a lot! These things are slick!