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  • That is interesting idea and I would love to however 2012 in August is bad for me this year actaully over committed already. If possible would consider it 100% for 2013 prior to my planner being full. you get a chance G.R. give me a shout sometime this weekend 907-460-7758 would love to discuss. I actaully have something brewing with FFF for 2013 might be a good mix
    Hey George, was going to give you my number so we can get that coffee but you have to clean out your inbox again.. send me a message when ya take care of that and I'll give you my digits brother! Thanks George
    How are things on the Branch? News here is Bristol Bay is getting pounded. Are you having to shovel roofs? Do you do any fishing through the ice on the river?

    Thanks for the reply,

    George thanks for the great advice on the composting toilet and brand info. The wife will be glad to hear she may be getting off the bucket in the near future.
    Hey George I was trying to send you a PM but your inbox is full. Shoot me a PM and I'll respond to that last mesage you sent me. Thanks - Tommy
    I got the waders wet for the first time this weekend as well - drove up to the Talkeetna river and fished. It felt good to be out there in the sun casting, even if there was no expectation of casting... The talkeetna is pretty open, and the willow looks like it will be the next to open. The other rivers will still locked up pretty good.
    We also tried to walk to the mouth of Montanna but that wasn't plowed either and without snowshoes the deteriorating 3 feet of snow was tough to walk in, so we didn't make it.
    Hey George - I'm doing well.
    Dealing with being a bachelor again, tying a few flies, and watching the ice melt with anticipation.

    'Hope the Anchorage show was productive for the lodge! I meant to get down there but I had family in town.

    Greetings everyone,
    I am trying to decide the date for the next Rodbuilding gathering. I am busy the first part of November so the earliest I can do this is November 28th. The next available date will be December 12th. Take a look at your calendars and let me know what date works for you. I would like to have a gathering before the New Year so I can get a feel for everyone's skills. I will be able to plan the meetings to build on everyones skills.

    The dates are
    November 28th
    December 12th
    Sometime in January
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