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  • I have been on the outdoor forums for many years. Have made numerous posts and questions during this time, and have found a wealth of information offered by other members. Arrived in AK in 1984 from CO. Within a year I secured a job as packer for Master Guide George Palmer with the agreement that all the assistant and registered guides that worked for him in different camps for various game animals would spend much time with me during hunts to learn about judging trophy quality of moose, bear, sheep, caribou, etc. $25 bucks a day for 93 straight days in the field working out of many different camps with many other guides. As promised, after completing my packing obligations during fall and spring bear seasons, George wrote my letter of recommendation which provided my assistant guide license. For the next 5 years I worked for about 6 different guides off and on throughout the seasons. Then a (real Life) job fell into my lap which effectively ended my guiding days. What a treasure trove of info I learned during this time. The job I took was with the Alaska Power Authority traveling statewide to work on, build, or repair their diesel generator power houses. Traveled and stayed in around , and lived with local people in75 villages in all parts of the state. That was very eye opening!
    Its been many years since then and I still hunt, but with aspirations of taking game close to trails of roads since I do not have the packing ability any more. My wife helps by drawing 14A cow tags. 2 out of the last 3 years. Both of those moose were taken in my back yard with the shots coming from my deck. What a wonderful deal!!!
    Not lucky this year, so may take the boat out on the lower Susitna and try to call bull to the river bank like I have not done in a few years.
    I find at 68 years old, I don't have al ot of the physical fight left in me, but my mind still works like I am in my 20's.
    Happy hunting to all of you.
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