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    Stihl tow dolly

    Have a 3K used stihl tow dolly with ramp extensions for sale $600.
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    Cassier Highway Conditions

    Hi there, Just wondered whether anyone had gone over the Cassier lately. I'm thinking of taking that shortcut on my next Alcan trip.
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    Kodiak Bear Areas

    I'm a little confused over the drawing hunt supplement on the Kodiak bear areas. Many areas have a note that states: all or much of the area is in an exclusive guide area. Does this mean a resident hunter can't hunt those areas? How do you determine the boundaries?
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    Wipe out

    Anybody know where I could get some copper bore cleaning solvent called "Wipe Out" locally? Midway can't ship solvents to Alaska.
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    Rear sight blade for a Colt Anaconda

    Anybody know where I might be able to get a rear sight blade for a Colt Anaconda or what rear sight assembly might fit the frame?
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    Rear sight, Colt Anaconda

    Looking for a rear sight blade or assembly for a Colt Anaconda. Anybody have any leads?

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