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  • Hey FullFreezer,

    First off, thank you for taking time to message me about the area I drew my tag for. I have heard good things about the Joe Young creek drainage like there are (generally) a good number of rams to choose from and it seems like there is plenty of area to hunt in that would hold sheep. Is it best to have a main camp in the bottom and do a spike camp up higher where the sheep are? My wife and I are working getting dropped of a day before the season so we can start our trek up into Joe Young. If you haven't hunted Joe Young specifically, I would just be happy to hear some things about sheep hunting in general that have worked for you in the past. I have hunted mountain goats here on Kodiak and it seems that a general rule of getting above them is the best bet and it sounds the same with sheep too. My email is [email protected] if you would rather communicate that way. Thanks!


    Robert Widhalm
    sorry I missed your question on the thread I started you asked how far passed attigun I was I was at the pull over at oil spill hill about 1 hour past attigun with road conditions ( we took our time) again sorry for the late reply
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