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  • Have seen your posts about your sportboat and motor combo. The upper part of the MacClaren should be ok, don't go past where the river turns west. It gets way too fast.
    ham question, first can I send you an email on it, would you add it to my page and I will fire one off to you, thanks/ ak47
    I still have the 4895 powder for sale if you want it. I am out of town until Dec 7, but will be available after that every day until Christmas. Call me at 229-4025 and we can work something out.
    please call me if the pistol is still available. thanks, ernie.
    382-1982 anchorage
    I appreciate your honesty. No, you lost me at Model 70 stock. Your bolt issue is not caused by the stock. MANY people have modified the original 54 stocks (as well as turned down the bolt handles) to get them to clear the more modern scopes. (The 54 was designed before scopes were popular, so the bolt handle and stock configuration often causes interference e.g. hitting the scope body.) I suspect that there is a problem with the bolt and safety. I think that those two work together to keep the bolt in place or allow for safe bolt removal.

    On a side note, I recall that one of your postings stated you were interested in trading for a pistol 22-45 cal. I have an excellent S&W 22S heavy barrel target pistol w/ recessed crown and competition grips. They don't even make this model anymore. I haven't used it in MANY years, and I am about to post it up and see what kind of response I would get. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?
    FL2-AK Old Town:

    This is pa12drvr...couldn't send you a PM regarding the Model 54

    After lots of research and input from others, here's what I found out about the "Model 54"

    - It is a model 54 action/barrel on a Model 70 Stock
    - The action locks up tight, but (possibly due to the Model 70 Stock), occassionally the bolt just pulls out of the action when it's being cycled.
    - The wing safety works, but it bent

    I've offered to sell it for $250 to some others (admittedly no takers so far); otherwise, I'll just use it as a practice rifle for my amateur gunsmithing.

    Be happy to show it to you, but, honestly, probably not somethign you'd be interested in.

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