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  • i like your posts about the spawning question since you seem to know a bit, do the hatchery kings there spawn (Kasilof)??????? I know in other streams that have hatchery fish they don't.
    going on a ninja mission for 4 days with Artie. Never been on this float but, we are going to hoz. It's a super secret but I'll tell you when I get back.EXCITED
    Who ever said hatchery rainbows don't spawn? Lakes & rivers with hatchery triploids don't have spawners. Every lake and river with hatchery diploids has spawning rainbows. Have you ever been to a stocked lake at ice-out? The stocked diploid rainbows spawn anywhere they can find gravel. This is normaly near a boat launch. The stocked grayling in Symphony lake have been spawning very well for the past decade. The hatchery kings in the Willow are stocked in Deception Creek. The kings at Eklutna are viable spawners, but the substrate is not condusive habitat for spawning. What else did I learn there? Alot, too much to even try listing. One thing, I did get to look at various species of eggs at different stages of development. Millions upon millions of king, coho, rainbow, arctic char & grayling eggs. Needless to say, my beads are pretty sick.
    so the Kings at Eklutna are spawners? Interesting I didn't know that, I also didn't know Willow had hatchery fish either. I thought the parks kings were wild. So tell me this why don't hatchery rainbows spawn????? Or is it a some do and others dont??????? So what else did you learn from working in the hatcheries?
    Every hatchery raised anadromous salmon in Alaska is able to spawn. Willow, Eklutna, Ship, Ninilchik etc. all have spawning populations of hatchery kings. This also goes for coho salmon. Obviously, places like the "Hole" in Homer are an exception. I worked at the State hatcheries for six years, so this is first hand.
    Dear fellow hunter!

    I hope the hunting season finds you with big dreams, exciting hunt prospects for the season and a secret buck or bull you've been watching all summer!

    For the last 3 years I've been working on a way for us all to share our hunting experiences- the pics, the stories, the gear, the tags that we all enjoy. The result is a website that is built around doing just that- sharing with fellow hunters.

    The site is still in beta meaning there might be a few bugs. That also means we are very busy adding more features and functionality- it has been a massive undertaking. But the core is there, ready, and waiting for you to join in with me and others who are passionate about hunting.

    Head on over to and sign up for an account! Then start sharing and enjoying others hunting experiences!

    Happy hunting!

    Dave Sanders
    [email protected]
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