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    First Time Caribou for My Sons

    My sons both got caribou this last week from the Nelchina herd. Caribou are a good first time big game animal. Here is a link to the video of my oldest getting his and I’ll share the other one when I get it edited here too.
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    Fox Red Labs

    Our pups have great temperaments. We bred the same pair for the second litter and plan to for a third. Great dogs and beautiful too. For the ones that turn out a true red, they are the same color as a ridgeback or blood hound.
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    Finding Morels, burn vs. no burn

    Here are two videos I put out this year on finding morels. One shows where to find them in a burn area and the other shows where to look outside of the burn areas.
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    Ice fishing from an Igloo

    I always thought that fishing from inside an igloo would be one of the best places to ice fish from. It's basically the least expensive ice shanty build there is, it just takes the time to build it. I finally got my chance to build one and had the right conditions and the time to do it. The...
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    Lake Trout Action Video

    I can't help but notice how dead the forum is this year. Here is the latest video from our YouTube channel How to Alaska for those of you looking to see some fish being caught. Fish were caught in a smallish lake so I don't disclose the location, but those of you who have been there before...
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    Kenai Fishing Documentary

    This is kind of a cross post with freshwater fishing. I made a little informational video on the importance of the 3 types of fishing on the Kenai. It’s easy to get mad at the commercial guys when the fishing is poor, but this video should put in perspective the value they provide. Everyone...
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    Short Kenai documentary

    I put together a little informational piece on the types of fishing that happen on the Kenai. I’m not trying to cause controversy, just trying to show people the importance of each type. Everyone wants their piece of the action so it’s easy to forget the big picture. Enjoy!
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    Russian River Family Success

    I wouldn't normally bring my kids to the Russian River because of it's earned reputation, but I decided it would be a good experience if we were patient, wise and didn't want fish too bad. Well Friday it was HOT!!! and I was able to get my limit in about an hour and my boys managed to get their...
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    Fox Red Labs

    Hey guys I thought I would share these videos of our puppies we had March 30th. They are getting close to heading to their new homes, some next week, but I still have 3 males and 2 females left. They are fox red phase to yellow. They are shaping up to be incredible dogs and are getting plenty...
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    Ice fishing Long lake (glenn hwy) report

    Hey all, here is a condition report on long lake. The ice in the main lake was 11 inches where I measured, I would imagine that there are thinner places. The drifting is not terrible yet, but there is definitely some overflow. It is fully covered with about 4 inches of snow with some...
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    Homer Halibut trip

    Halibut fishing out of Homer was pretty slow, but my 8 year old caught a nice one on his own. I had to tease him that he had a skate on.
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    Kings in Deep Creek

    We got a few Kings in Deep Creek before they issued the EO. Really glad we put in the time and so is my son!
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    Spruce grouse vs ptarmigan. telling the difference

    We shot both ptarmigan and spruce grouse on are last trip out, So we made a video of how to tell the difference. We didn't say anything about the ptarmigan being white in the winter so needless to say the distinction in the video is pretty evident.
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    Taking kids snoeshoeing

    We purchased our kids snowshoes and took them out the other day. They loved it so much that they take them out almost every day now. They love how much farther they can go in our backyard now...what a great purchase!
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    Hare hunt...population might be getting close to peak

    I went out for about and hour and a half last night up by Eureka and shot 7 hares. Just trying to make a difference and keep them around a little longer.

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