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  • Houston! LOL. Ive got a room rented in Big Lake. I think we'll be about 15 miles apart.
    I have lived in AK before, but only for 9 months 15 years ago. I went on a really long fishing trip right out of high school. The plan was to go for 10 days, It just took us another 8 1/2 months to find our way home. Ive been trying to move back for 13 years, but something always comes up! Not anymore though I'm gone in a few short days!

    I would be glad to give you a report when I get up there.
    Here is my number, I'mt im not sure it will work up there. (541) 892-4941

    Safe travels, Kris
    Well.. I just wrote a few more posts to get to 10 and it didn't work! I am moving to Houston. I wanted to give you my contact info so you could let me know how it was along the way and if there was anything I should be aware of! Have you lived in AK before? I haven't and I can't wait till I can! Do you have a house/cabin and where are you going again?
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