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    Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

    Ok, as cabin fever is upon us. Here is something to pass the time.
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    check out the Oru Kayak
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    Cheap Dry suits Check them out if you don't have one, these might be the trick.
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    halibut fishing Anchor River

    The "result" of lots of "hard" work. Some good eats! Good luck!
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    halibut fishing Anchor River

    Had an awesome time this summer learning how to Kayak fish 3 trips down to Anchor Point area and a trip out of Seward.
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    Surf Casting / Fishing Pics, anyone?

    Last May 2011, Whisky Gulch only one from the beach, was slowwwwwww oh well learned some new tech.
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    Interesting Underwater Halibut clip
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    Seward Kayak Fishing Aug. 17,18 2011

    Picture of my brother's first halibut from a Kayak!
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    Seward Kayak Fishing Aug. 17,18 2011

    Well got around to getting the pictures loaded!!!! My brother and I had a great two days the wind stayed down. Haven't fished out of Seward until those two days! My brother rented a Prowler 15 sit on top kayak made for fishing from Liquid Adventures. The halibut were 10, 27 and 29 pounds! What a...
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    Happy Father's Day!

    To all the father's out there! I hope you have a great day! I am so thankful that my dad took the time to take me fishing, hunting, camping and teaching me how to take care of the game!
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    Sunsets! Post your sunsets here!!!

    North of Anchor River, May 2011 North of Anchor River, May 2011 Had a awesome trip with my wife! Most beautiful sunsets yet together!
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    2011 fishing pics

    alright first to bite....
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    Halibut trip close to Anchor Point

    Well the second attempt to catch halibut from a kayak was a success! Only took about 17 and half hours in the kayak over 3 days lol! I have a few pics. It was a blast caught 4 halibut first a 8, 10, 12 and then the final one was a 27 pound halibut. The week before in the same area we caught a 8...
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    Ice fishing pics!

    Different trip from 09, my wifes biggest in Alaska 36 inches! She has caught the biggest one every trip we have been out!
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    Ice fishing pics!

    two different trips. Time flies! love being able to get out and do some fishing