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  • Hey dude or should I say Branden,
    I was let go by ASRC in January so I haaven't been living at Tarmac since then.I'm now at AOH (Veco Base) obviously working with CH2.I can't tell from your photo who you are from Tarmac.Did you work nights ?What job wee you doing there ?
    Next question-- are you gonna be fishing on the peninsula again in the next few weeks ? I'm home til July 1st and will be hitting it hard.Give me a heds up if you want some company.
    Very funny, I'm sure it sounded like a war zone with all the shooting. I was amazed at the amount of hit he took without really showing anything. I could hear the "pawack" after the shot and knew he was being hit, but just like to see them go down rather than risk the loss. Was fun. I was sure we were not the only ones seeing that guy, as he kept going out on that open hillside in very full view. So, was he close to our highlines the morning we shot him or was it the morning before? We found a scrape about 2 hundred yards from where we called from on Wednesday evening, and it really stunk. I sort of figured he must have been in the area with the calling. Sure would have been nice to get him down low rather than the hillside, but no complaints for the way it ended. We sure seen more guys up there this year than in years past, especially guys on horses. Good luck to you guys. That hillside you were on was good for two bulls last year. Both called in very close.
    Oh, I am still working another 2 weeks go. I go home the 21st. I have been working nights so I can't play ball. I am hoping to get down in the Canyon past Obrien. Was thinking of taking a 4 wheeler but think that I will just take the truck. Hoping to get across if not just walk back. Aight. Good Luck!
    Hey Branden, hopefully we'll see you down in Chitina. We'll hopefully be packing up and headed out of there by the 25th though. Basketball has been crowded for the last few weeks. Probably 25 people a night have been out. Are you headed back up north soon?
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