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  • Hey there, I'm Matt. See you on here a good bit, and I'm in Wasilla too...
    Wanted to see if you'd like to hang out on a hunt or two? I'm from North Carolina and have deer experience, but no moose yet. I have the gear (.30-06/wheeler/binos etc.) but would love a partner. Also, I really need to get into the duck world up here.
    Anyways, I'd buy you lunch or dinner at chepos to pick your mind.
    let me know! Matt at 919-721-4058
    I do not have PM privileges yet, so sending you this instead... I have 200 GM215Ms and a box of 50 180gr accubonds. I'd be interested in cash, 10mm bullets/brass, 9mm brass/bullets, or .45 brass/bullets.

    I am leaving the state in about 5 months and I'm realizing I won't be able to take primers and powder with me.
    Got your waders. Call me 892-5892. Had to join AK Hunting Forum to contact you. Not sure how to do this via this complicated site.
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