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    Martin Buser-sled dogs

    Martin is looking to buy some beaver carcasses, fresh or frozen,preferably gutted and no tails. He is also willing to pay freight to get it to him. Contact info below, Thanks Martin Buser 907 355 7898 [email protected]
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    Please help!

    Will someone please call Duck Dynasty and have them run an episode on regs and ethics. All I know is duck hunting is the cool thing to do and I have this old shotgun I bought on alaskaslist for $100. I grew the beard and I bought every call the Robertson's make but I don't know anything else...
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    Moving out of state

    Selling my seasport, love the boat but it's gotta go. Pm me for details
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    Heated storage

    Any recommendations for heated storage about 26 ft? I have a seasport that i will be using to shot sea ducks and want to keep it clear of snow and be able to melt off what i acquire in travel. Thanks in advance
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    Go devil boat and motor for sale One of the last package setups that have and prob will come to Alaska, both dealers are no longer shipping the hulls.
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    DownEastah is for sale Turn key boat!
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    Anyone running around Whittier seeing any ducks and geese floating around?
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    Never seen this before

    Anyone ever seen this before?
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    Lost e collar remote

    Tri Tronics classic 70 remote, around duck lake or rabbit slough launch
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    pics post

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    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Wifes first moose
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    30 inch bow !

    First bow is 27 Second is 31 Dolly is a pig too!
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    What's the latest news in Seward
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    Shrimp around Seward

    Has anyone found shrimp in the "The North Gulf Coast" or are they all in PWS? Do well in PWS but its alot shorter steam to go fishing in Seward, and hate not dropping the pots.
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    Davit to launch zodiac

    So the Down Eastah is a 22' Sea Sport and I've been trying to come up with a logical way to load and unload my zodiac. Has anyone ever put a davit on the top of the wheelhouse on a sea sport. Pot builder sent me some pics of a few he has seen but nothing on a seasport. Any input would be helpful!

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