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  • Sad to hear of the passing of Michael.
    Condolence and prayers for his family and loved one’s.
    Never thought I’d see this day, but time slips by so fast in life……. Just a reminder of how fleeting our lives are and that we cannot take anything for granted.
    I am thankful for Michael and his contribution and commitment to the hunting community of Alaska and beyond.
    You, Sir have passed as we all must, but you have left giant footsteps that will remain and your presence on this Earth will be felt by many for some time to come.

    Can I move this to the condolences post so the family can see? Nicely said.
    Hi Dave . . . Came down to scout goats today, but conditions were pretty bad. So, I had to break out the rod at Allison Point. Landed 4! Hope you're hunt went well.

    Haven't made it up there yet with all the rain. It has been constant. This week looks better. Yep, lots of fish here.
    Hey Dave,

    Got your message about the DM325 tag. Congratulations! I've never had that tag before but I do own land in that area. I have actually been seeing lots of moose along the Lake Louise road this year, so I would say it's entirely possible to fill your tag that way, but If I were you, I would look into using a boat to travel along the waterways of Lake Louise, Susitna Lake, Tyone Lake and Tyone River. You will probably need a jet boat to access Tyone River, but if you don't have a jet boat, another option might be to float the Gulkana River. There are some decent areas to moose hunt on the Gulkana River. It's not a very high density moose area, but if you got an any bull tag and you got some extra time, I'm sure you can fill your tag there. Another option might be to access the Alphabet hills if you have an ATV. There are a few trails that can get you there that I know of. Haggard Creek Trail, Middle Fork Trail, Swede Lake Trail etc. Hope this helps. Good luck.
    Don't waste your time talking to the trooper there not going to do ****.

    If something happen to THERE boat the trooper are coming after you.
    Actually the trooper here is a personal friend. His son shot his first bear out of my stand last year. Last year Tony, our trooper, bought a boat and the family shrimps and fishes too. His pots were picked last year and he has a whole NEW appreciation for shrimpers and the sound in general. He has already offered to put a camera out but is getting pulled to Cordova and other bays as reds start showing up. It is a small town, so just word of mouth around here is going to cause a lot of damage to a persons reputation. Social media is a terrific weapon too. It is just not me, lots of pots getting picked this year.
    Dave, can you tell me if this message is to you and not the entire forum site?
    I would like to ask you some questions re Valdez
    Thank you, Cordog
    I have been trying to respond to you all day. I have been having problems with the form. It might end up being my laptop so I'm using my cell phone.
    I’m so jealous you have a life "shrimping". When my life consist of draining water from the yard and pulling nails out of 2x4 for something to do.

    I kid you not.

    I'm been wondering for months what Andy found wrong with the ignition system? I suspect it was several things because the symptoms keep changing each time you got the boat back.

    Did he say what coil or ignition module is in the boat now?

    Andy is a Volvo man. So he took everything non-Volvo off and replaced everything with Volvo parts. He also replaced the wiring harness, headers, rewired much of the engine electrical, added an oversized fuel/water filter..... He never located an exact reason. But my thinking once you start bastardizing with other manufactures parts you don't know where to chase the problem. Anyways, running great. Getting 4200 rpm and over 40 mph with 140 gallons of fuel on board. Andy also said that whom ever overhauled the outdrive, never took it apart. Still had the factory sealant in it. So everything is back to Volvo now.
    Whats up with this site? Seems to me the "upgrade is more of a disaster".
    I realise i should probably be some where else with this post but couldnt find anything that worked.
    Im following the tunnel/ launch thing pretty close and appreciate your input. Were getting down to the wire, hope it comes together.
    Alasgun, Mike
    Apparently the old software was having issues so Mike had to upgrade. "Upgrade" is an interesting work on computers. To me it usually means I can't do what I used to and it is going to take me 6 months to figure it out. I emailed the mayor in Whittier directly. Basically, go shrimp, watch where you park, no bathrooms, follow the rules you get handed at the tunnel and you are good. His interpretation of "subsistence" (I eat shrimp to subsist) is a little lax to me but all I can do is post what he told me. I hope everything goes OK there. Locals might be riled but...… ya can't please everyone.
    Actually, the kids are almost all grown up and out of the house. We really should consider getting out to Valdez more often.
    I didn't officially quite the forum. I just lurk and I read some every now and again.
    I received a few messages this week, so I thought that I better come back and respond to them and you popped up on my screen. :D
    Oh grief. I didn't know. Okay... I understand. I am supposed to be there the week before you go to ANC. I'll let you know once I know whether I'm going.
    It would be GREAT to see you. It's been years. :)
    Oh... Dave! :D
    Can you shut down a thread for me? It's in General Discussion... it's the ... Yeah... can you lock it.? Thank you!!!

    Also... I might be in Valdez in a few weeks. Would love to see you if my company sends me down there to support the business. :)
    Dave, what part of Texas? I'll be traveling out there in January. Would love to see ya if you are still in Texas when I get there!
    have you had any luck getting any bears this spring/ summer ? i should be back in september if you are still looking to do some hunting
    Hello Dave, My name is Bryan, i was told you might be the person that could help me out
    i bought a 25' bayliner to fish out of Valdez and was just watting some pointers on boating out of valdez. i have been boating since i can walk, but that was in Mississippi, not alaska, any advice would be great
    Asking someone where is a good place to bait over there is like asking your buddies who has a daughter that is a virgin that you can go out with. :)
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