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  • I'd make sure to have at tent that could handle a heavy snow load and high winds. We've used the Cabela's guide series tent for the trips we've done up the Ivishak. The weather shouldn't be too cold that you can't start your truck, but you never know. It might dip to 30 below that time of year, but not typically. You might consider bringing a small generator to plug the truck in for an hour or so if it gets real cold. You will more than likely have other hunters around, and there are always truckers moving through so you could get a jump if needed. Should be good hunting then, the caribou seem to be moving well and herding up north of Toolik up to Slope Mountain.
    Slope Mountain to Toolik is usually where they are at, but you can find them 30 miles from Prudhoe all the way to Atigun at that time of year, it all depends on weather, bugs and luck.
    Dakota, early October is usually okay, but by mid October the bulls are rutting and aren't very good eating at all. The hunting is usually pretty good then though, with large herds started to form. I like late September to the first week of October. I've had friends come up for 8 days in the beginning of October only saw a handful of caribou, so you never know for sure. Count on cold weather, probably -10 to 20 above with wind, snow and possibly heavy fog. You could have some decent weather, maybe up in the 40's as well, but be prepared for cold and wet snow. Take it easy on the drive up and enjoy the scenery, going fast just puts cracks in your windshield and you'll be more prone for flats. Good luck!
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