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    Cabelas sells the Kolpin brand universal UTV snow plow. Kolpin website shows that it will fit the Commander. I have the smaller ATV version on a 2006 machine and after some modification I'm happy with how it works.
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    Deer calls for blacktails

    Want to thank everyone for the responses. Finally got a couple of calls made up and pretty happy with how they turned out. Used friction tape for the Reed and getting it the right width was the hardest part. Some day I may use a more exotic wood but for now these should work. Made it out once...
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    I mix it up a batch at a time and keep it around till i use it. I store it in old growler bottles since they are glass and tinted to help keep the light out.
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    Upgrading to a chamber vac

    Have you tried thicker bags for fish with pin bones. I went to the thicker 5 mil bags and haven't had a broken one yet from pin bones. Even the 4 mil was a big step up from the standard 3 mil bags.
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    Deer calls for blacktails

    Looks nice. Do you glue it back together or just use the cord to keep the two halves together? I have the friction tape and going to try using some cherry wood and cedar I have around.
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    Deer calls for blacktails

    Thanks for the replies. I do plan on making a couple of my own eventually but really wanted to try something that was pre-made to get an idea of what it should sound like. Was afraid that with my home made one with rubber band I was sending out a warning to stay away instead of saying come on...
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    Deer calls for blacktails

    Been doing some reading on deer calls and keep coming across recommendations for Hank Masters deer call which are apparently made in Alaska but google is not turning up much on these. I'm curious if anyone is familiar with these and if they are still made or available anywhere near Anchorage or...
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    Question for those with anchor drum

    Just installed an EZ anchor puller winch and have a question for those that are currently using one. I haven't had a chance to get on the water to test it out yet but have played around with it in the yard. 1) What type of bow roller are you guys using. Currently using a Miller marine anchor...
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    Maud road shooting range in winter

    Is this range open or even accessible in the winter. I understand the road is not maintained but are people still able to make it with a 4 wheel drive vehicle? Anyone up there recently? Have a family member in town and would like to go shooting but rabbit creek is closed and don't really want to...
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    Found dinghy

    Loose your dinghy? I found it floating on 5/10 with no one in sight. Identify it and where you lost it and we can figure out how to get it back to you.
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    Smitty's Cove boat ramp in Whittier

    I'm trying to find more information about the small ramp out by Smitty's cove in Whittier. Searched on here and found some information about it but nothing recent. I would like to know if small boats like a zodiac on a trailer can still be launched there. Is there a fee to launch there or just...
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    Bending aluminum pipe

    I'm in the process of building a frame for my boat and have a few sections that I would like to bend. I was hoping to be able to do all of the work myself but cant find any place that rents a pipe bender that will do 1.25" pipe. Called totem, Bailey's and united and all they had was conduit...
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    Second attempt at retort canning

    Did my second attempt at retort canning and was much more successful than the first attempt. Figured I would share my results and a few things that I noticed along the way. I'm using the 8 oz retort bags purchased from AK butcher supply Using a Vacmaster VP 215 that was purchased at Cabela's...
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    Vaccum packed cedar plank salmon?

    I was in the store the other day and noticed they had some salmon filets that were vacuum packed already on cedar planks. I was thinking this would be a great thing to do myself for when I take fish home to family members as it made for a great presentation. A quick google search didn't reveal...
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    Ninilchik harbor boat launch

    I'm fairly new to the forum and have already got a lot of good information from this site but can't seem to find much information about the boat launch inside Ninilchik harbor. I have an 18' inflatable with a 50hp on a trailer that I'm afraid is too heavy for beach launching with my SUV. I...