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  • Hey crumm,

    I have a few questions about your boat that I'm sure you have probably already answered and are tired of people asking, so for that I apologize, however, I'm going to ask them anyways.

    Here's my deal: I live down in Texas and my grandfather owns some property on a really nice river down here that we have fished all my life and I love it. The biggest opstacle in this river is gravel bars (they are usually located right after a bend in the river, and when the river is usually at its lowest, the area in which to navigate around them is only four to eight inches deep.)
    Our other biggest obstacle is launching and loading the boat. There are no boat ramps, so we must launch and load the boat by hand and/or whinch.
    So, my first question is: how shallow can your boat run without sucking anything up? And my next question is: How heavy is it? How difficult would it be to launch and load it by hand?
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