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  • I didn't see anything on Facebook and I hadn't been on this site for a while either. I've been out of state for about 6 weeks and have been very busy getting summer mode stuff ready here. I don't know if any bluebells are blooming yet or not around here but with all of this hot weather we have been having the ground temperature has to be right for morels to be out now I would think. I don't know of any fire area nearby from the past couple of years so I don't know where to send you to look. If you know of any burns from the past couple of years go poke around there. Otherwise good luck.
    And no I don't think I know you I don't think. My wife is not blonde and I don't work with any JB. I am Terry Sacora and I retired from being a water treatment operator for Golden Heart Utilities in Fairbanks and BP at Endicott Island.
    Sir, I was reading your article on Morel mushrooms here in AK. (i sent you a message on Facebook also, I cant PM on this site yet). I was hoping you could tell me when the Blue Bells start to bloom up your way!?!
    Do I know you? Do you work with JB? is your wife blonde, if so shoot me a message on how u did.
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