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  • hey rich, how come i can't PM you? theres some info id rather not share on my profile or yours so maybe you could look at that. you gettin ready for spring bear down there yet? only a couple months away!!
    the drawing stat looked promising, looks like they give 24 non-resident permits in that area and only gave 19 last year, spoke with the biologist in Kotz, she said moose population in most drainages of the kobuk had good moose population, also emialed Ram aviation they quoted 4250 for drop off and pick up, one of the guys this is out of his price range. as far as the selawik, I haven't found much on that river except the headwaters are good moose country and the lower part isn't. I understand the rental thing with locals, could get a little sticky unless you know the person. Thanks for the response. any other aviation company's around i know of hageland air and ram aviation, and one out of kiana?
    nope, no boat rental places that i know of maybe some private folks that might rent you their boat but i wouldn't recommend that for numersous reasons. there used to be a place to rent rafts and do float trips but the guy just sold out after last season. A jet boat would be nice to rent here it would save the cash on a drop off hunt. as far as places to go the kobuk or noatak would be about the only two and maybe some side rivers that flow in, i guess you could try the selawik also but i dont know the rules regarding non-res hunting in that river...long ride from kotz also. did the drawing stats look promising?
    Hows it going, I was looking at the drawing statistics around Kotzebue for non residents. Couple of questions, Is there a place to rent jet boats in Kotzebue if so would you have the name? Would you recommend one area over another? Hope you had great holidays
    ....or by barge in the summer. Lots of barges come up here in the summer from nome and anc.
    Wow, you are out in the bush. I work with a gal that was a nurse in Kotzebue for a while. How do you get a boat to kotzebue? by plane?
    The black bear ive seen up here are small and i think the better black bear hunting is in southern Ak. There are lots of caribou up here and definately no shortage of them as residents can take 5 a day all year long in this district. Again, access up here is the major problem. You either need a plane, boat, or snowmachine to get to any decent areas to hunt around here.
    Yeah we have no prob finding elk, we have some great private land to hunt on. Saw prob 20+ bulls in about a week so the elk hunting has been easy for a while thats why i wanted to go hunt somewhere else, kinda tired of elk hunting. I live in Kotzebue its just north of the arctic circle on a penninsula. Definately cannot drive to it or anywhere near it, have to fly in. I have seen only four black bears up here since this summer but way more grizzlys up here than black. I have seen some wolves but waiting for more daylight to go hunt them. Right now its dark up here most of the day only about 2-3 hours of light. Wolf hunting probably easier in winter but black bears you could combine with moose pretty easy. Griz is a prob for non-res as you would have to have a guide and were talking big bucks for that. But black bear i think you can get a few as long as you spend the $300 per tag or something like that.
    To bad you didn't get a out of state elk license sounds like you found elk. What town in alaska do you live in? Can you drive to it, or have to take a boat or plane to get to it? I'm pretty much open for any area of alaska for moose, I've got 2 caribou already but, If i can get a nice one I'd shoot it. What about black bear and wolf? any luck with them, I might as well get as much as i can in a trip.
    Rich LaMere
    Hey, thanks for the link! Just found your post on my visitor message board....must've been blind for a bit!
    cjustinm, you mention a black vs. grizzly bear test from Montana fish and game. Do you have a link to this?
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