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  • You mentioned flying out/ escaping the crowds. Any of the flyouts are awesome! The more expensive, the farther in ( wilderness) you go. There's no special one if your like me, you want to do them all, but there just isn't enough time! This place is emense!!.... The first 10 miles of the dirt (59 mi. Mccarthy ) road is pretty "washboard", but resides after that.we've had snow (deep) down as far as 2500ft. In july! Just be prepared for anything. It is true high alpine wilderness. Most of the time, i run out of words to describe it here. You just have to be here. Also,important that you purchase a tire plug kit & a 12 volt compressor($40-$60) + can of "fixaflat" for your vehicle!! You'll thank yourself later! I don't generally do this but when you get to mccarthy, ask for lindee & larry and we can talk & guide you from there. Have a safe trip!!
    thanks for the tip about the VHF radio, i didn't think of it, but i should. i am driving up, and do plan on driving into mccarthy, and heading out on foot from the kennicott mine area. thanks for your concern for my safety, i have done many trips into the backcountry down here and i am aware of the dangers... you didn't scare me off haha. if there are any specific areas you would recommend, i'd love to hear them. thanks, christian
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