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  • Drove over my cell phone and destroyed it. I have been developing our property by the Chevy Dealership for the last month and finally get a break to go sheep hunting. Did you get to go and if so how did you do?

    Hey this is Dave the guy goin into the West Fork on Aug 15th.
    if you could text or call me that would be helpful. My admin stuff I screwed up on this forum.
    I would be glad to share with u what we run into on our hunt.
    I like the Susitna landing, it's nice. We chose there because they have a great campground and room for everybody. It also has good access to the other rivers, just a long ways to the Deshka. I'll probably be there camping this weekend and maybe some fishing too.
    Yeah, we went from Susitna Landing up to Montana Creek and played around in some sloughs off the big su. It was a good time indeed. There was a thread on here about it. Hopefully we can do it again next year.
    Try just cutting and pasting:
    Then go to the Riverwild album
    Im not sure, but it wont let me link it via this forum. If not, just search for "riverwild jet" those pics are mine. You can then go to the album if you want to check out more.I go up on the 31st, for a week, then off a week, and back to a 2/2 schedule. Its fun switching hitches...
    Its a pretty fun boat. Not awesome at one thing, but a really good compromise. River Wild just makes one boat at a time, all custom and different. Their website is riverwildboats.com. I have pics of mine on photobucket. http://s169.photobucket.com/albums/u215/seaboalts/Riverwild%20Jet/ I should be doing some fishing in the valley sometimes this week. Cant decide on little su or kash or deshka. Maybe we can hook up and run, or go up to knik glacier sometime.
    Sounds like a nice boat, will have try and get together sometime. I think I am only going to put it in the middle for now so I hope it wont add to much weight. What model is your boat, trying to find some pics online. My bottom is a little thinner than yours so the UH is starting to be needed for me.
    9 degree deadrise, and about 2100 empty. I sometimes wish I had plastic, but that's just more weight.
    I like it, going to put some UHMW on the bottom sometime here soon though. Do you know what the weight and the dead rise is on that boat.
    I have a 18.5 foot River Wild. It has a 2.2l supercharged ecotec four cylinder. About 252 horse, but pretty light. Its got a beefy 1/2" bottom and is built pretty tough. How do you like your extreme shallow?
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