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  • Hey Brule,

    I was looking at some old posts on the DC608 Killey river caribou hunt and had seen some information you provided. I was curious on your thoughts. I drew this tag this year and am flying into either Twin lakes or Iceberg. Curious what you think on when to go. I'm not much for a crowd so looking into early September. Looked into horse packers and there is only a couple and its not cheap $$$. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Hey Brule,

    Thanks for the intel. Our motive is a little of both. I do want to avoid competition, but I am also looking for a memorable trip for the boy. Figured combining hunting, fishing, and boating would be a great way to do that. But I am looking for as much information I can get for the area. This will be my first time hunting this unit. Thanks for the info!
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